Monday, June 14, 2010

Real Time Image Captures of the Developed

View of Miranda Kerr's Offices

Yoga is a large part of Kerr’s life. Along with meditation and chanting. She believes that "we have a responsibility to bring peace and harmony to our lives and the world.”

I have designed Kerr’s office based around her love for peace and meditation, along with her career of modeling and her beauty products.

There are serene views of the sounding landscape of a waterfall and undisturbed valley. Kerr has an abundance of built area to reach her state of enlightenment. The large windows on the numerous levels and open plan allow the external environment to be en-captured within the building.

There is a level for research of her organic skin care products.

There is also a runway situated at the top of the structure. This allows for practice and performances for her modeling.

Kerr believes in being organic and healthy. This valley office and her life style go hand in hand, creating a little piece of nirvana that she can escape her busy schedule with.

The lift for Kerr is circular. On half of the circle, there is a solid balustrade, other half has non. This is so, if Kerr chooses, she can meditate on the lift, which stops right on the waters surface below the bridge. The lack of balustrade make the view and environment more available so she feels less constricted.

Helen Keller's Offices

Keller’s office space consists of three different spaces. One is an open room in which she writes her books and speeches. Because she is blind, the space has especially large opening windows. This allows Keller to feel the environment and experience the nature around her.

The second room is a library where she researches for her speeches and finds inspiration. Her own published books are placed in there also.

The third, top room is accessed by a simple lift. This space is a classroom where she has learnt to communicate. This room is also for other people with like disabilities to learn to communicate, read and write.

Table Representing POWER

The texture that I have chosen for the elevators and the table represent the feminine power that both of the clients ooze. I feel that the texture is strong yet delicate and beautiful.

The deep colour represents strength.

The table is a unique and strong shape that reminds me of both of the clients, as they are both unique and strong women. There are extrusions with glass in the table, which allow light to project upward. The lighting enforces the idea of power…

The view from the table is of the waterfall and cliff walls. This is an ideal place for the two women to discuss and exchange their own ideas of peace, resulting in their power.

File Front...



Elevators Keys

Helen Keller's elevator;
y to go down
t to go up

Miranda Kerr's elevator;
x to go down
q to go up

Helen Keller's back lift;
n to go down
p to go up
Google Sketchup Warehouse Model

The Elevators...

Miranda's Lift

Miranda's lift is more of an open air/open space lift giving her access to the surrounding environment that she can feed off of for energy during yoga and meditation.

Helen's lift

Helen's lift is more constricted due to her disabilities. The constrictions make it a little bit safer. The texture is placed on the lower half and once again, this texture represents power.